Event Storming in Domain Driven Design

In the first article I explain why DDD was important for building new modern systems that are modular in design. In this article I will explain how Event Storming as a practice in DDD can be used to identify the right decomposition and Microservices.

When using DDD we are on a trip for deep learning about how the business works, and then model the software based on our learning. It is important to align software domain models with what the domain experts had in mind. Event Storming is a process of learning, experimenting, and learning more and modeling again. I like to think of it as a way of iteratively learning from the unknown.

A Quick Guide On Scaling With Kubernetes

Illustrator: Finnur Alfred Finnsen

Kubernetes has been on the spotlight for some time now. It is very powerful but comes with a very tough learning curve. This very easy guide will introduce you to the important things about Kubernetes. It will get you up and be running quickly. I´ll show you a new way to deploy and manage your systems, applications and microservices. The benefits are huge, so let´s get started.